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Colonel T. Blackbourne to Levin Powell, discusses a present dilemma in the choice of a president between Jefferson and Burr who are tied but whose election will be decided in February by the House of Representatives. Warns of danger of civil war and disagrees with both Jefferson and Burr's views and politics. Jefferson, Blackbourne believes, has best abilities, but "he may by his fine spun theories break the thread of our government and make us a poor—divided—contemptible and dependent people." Jefferson's commercial view would commit the trade of our country to foreign nations. "Pray what has been done in Mr. Nicholas' Resolutions for a regular system of choosing [the] president and Vice President? Are there any, and what objections to it? [Levin Powell (1737-1810) was the US Representative of Virginia; Blackbourne (1740-1807 was a revolutionary war patriot.] ., 1801 January 19

 Digital Record
Identifier: tsb:105989