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James Southall Wilson papers--addition

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ViU-2017-0200

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Scrapbooks, photo albums, correspondence, travel diary, home movies. 28 scrapbooks and loose correspondence related to three generations of the family of James Southall Wilson, with much material on the University of Virginia. Persons represented significantly include James Southall Wilson (1880-1963) and Julia Tyler Wilson (1881-1965);Charles Marshall Davison, Jr. (1914-1995) and Alida Wilson Davison (1913-1995); and Katharine "Kit" Stonestreet Davison (1943-).

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Purchased, 14 November 2017.

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Some scrapbooks are in fragile condition. Handle with care.


  • 1900's



6.88 Cubic Feet (2 document boxes, 5 cubic foot boxes, 2 small flat boxes)


Booksellers inventory of contents of collection: SCRAPBOOK 1. Kit Davison 1972-1974 1973 trip to Far East Moving day 4618 Leonard Parkway, Richmond Teaching in Richmond at Tuckahoe Montessori School, 1974; SCRAPBOOK 2. Kit Davison, 1968-1971, with other material Confirmation certificate [5/22/1955] Her parents wedding announcement. Holographic: Copied from memorandum written by “Da" [James Southall Wilson; referred to hereafter as JSW Various letters to her from children’s Home Society [employment] Richmond 8/8/1968 Various invitations, Christmas cards, etc. Letter from Carter H. Brantner, Major, GS to wreath laying for President Tyler [as a descendent] March 17, 1969 Letter from The Descendents of the Signers of Independence, Truxton Read Broadhead, Secretary General October 31, 1970 elected member #1477 SCRAPBOOK 3: Kit Davison Small photo album with studio pics of dozens of young women, obviously year book photos -- from St. Ann's? St. Agnes? Not sure. [See pic. 5] SCRAPBOOK 4. Photos 1930-1936 and 1953-1963 722 Fontaine Street Julia Tyler Wilson and JSW | Alida Wilson And Charlie Davison principally in Charlottesville VA and then in Alexandria VA A number of cabinet card photographs of James Southall Wilson as a young man Photographs of Alida Congratulatory telegram to Julia Tyler on her graduation from Wellesley College, June 21, 1894 from “Papa and Mama” Pictures of a young Julia a young James, a very young Alida, a young Charlie and many friends and relatives. A silhouette of JSW cut by Julia Photo of "Edgewater" in Norfolk, Virginia (family home?; home of JSW's sister Alida) Newspaper clipping “Norfolk in By-Gone Days” with a poem by James Southall Wilson entitled: To our Confederate Dead written in May 1899 [see pic. 6] Charlie Davison in military school uniform and as a very small boy Photo reprint Saratoga Springs New York Julia Tyler and 7 other named people including Mr. Brady, [war photographer 1860] [see pic. 7] Scrapbook page from Wellesley College - inserted Julia Tyler and friends, sailing and with photo of her father. A trip to New York And then back to Charlottesville: Alida Wilson Davison in wedding dress, Charlie Davison; Program from a play by Edgar Allen Poe, Politian, performed January 19th, 1933 for the very first time by the Raven society and the Virginia Players, Charlottesville VA Dr. Wilson Poe Scholar Photos, programs, etc from the 1930’s A photo “our home and the rest of the Lawn; then a picture of “the other side” Programs from Southern Conference Boxing at Memorial Gym, Swimming and Basketball but especially the Swimming with many notes in pencil of the outcome of each event. Cards Christmas, Easter, etc Photos of Pavilion V: the garden and the porch; the Lawn: Father (JSW), Mother (JTW), Mary Wrenn and Aunt Mary Wrenn 1934 Virginia Beach Baby Lion Gardner; Nancy (Wilson) and baby Lion Charlie and tents Alida riding at horse Photographs of JSW and “Aunt Mary Wrenn” on the lawn and on the porch of Pavilion V. Photographs of Alida Wilson at camp Photographs of Charlie Davison at camp Charlie in Canada JSW and Julia Wilson playing croquet at Bread Loaf On the porch with many others at Bread Loaf Charlie and Alida hiking Mt. Moosalawa Memorabilia Charlie running for Mayor – “The Smiling Boy Scout Candidate” Alida’s first driver’s license Phi Beta Kappa placecards with poems for JSW and Julia Clippings re death of Lyon Gardiner Tyler, and a handwritten letter from Julia to Alida informing her that her grandfather had just died Letters to Alida at Wellesley Football schedule for Virginia in 1934 with outcomes of various match-ups Photos of Charlie, Alida, Nancy, and the dog Karlaf on the Lawn in the snow; along with Karlaf’s dogtag [see pic. 8] Childhood pictures of Kit Davison, with her parents, and a picture of her with JSW and Julia on the Lawn House on Fontaine Avenue, and Christmas cards, pictures of Kit etc. Studio portraits of JSW in later years Charlie as Comptroller of Southern Railway; formal dinner picture Many pictures of the Davison family, and friends, and cousins, and children Program for Unveiling Statue Edgar Allan Poe at the University with clippings [see pic. 9] Pix of Charlie Davison playing golf Two tls from the Smithsonian to Julia Wilson re the gift of John Tyler’s silk coat A number of pictures of Charlie as a little boy with family members, as well as envelopes with his hair Dementi Studio picture of the basketball team at St. Christopher’s School with Charlie Davison on the team [see pic. 10] Letter from a friend of Charlie Davison’s mother after visiting Charlie at St. Christopher’s Some material related to James Southall Wilson Drewry A number of photographs of Kit with Charlie and Alida Pictures of Alida’s godchild Armistead Churchill Gordon Webster, baptismal cert. etc. SCRAPBOOK 5. Kit Davison’s Trip to Europe. A real period piece from the early ‘60’s. Kit Davison’s trip to New York before going on a trip to Europe – “Wonderful trip before the trip”. With tls from Charlie regarding hotel reservations for his daughters Pix of World’s Fair, plane tickets, “I was scared to death, particularly when they had to go back to check a screw”. Wallet for traveler’s checks. On to Ireland, London (theater tickets, programs) Receipts for purchase (“cashmere sweater”). Several Air letters from Alida and Charlie, and other letters from home Belgium and Amsterdam – more letters Also Copenhagen – letter from Julia Wilson to Kit; letter from Kit to her parents, etc. Berlin – with postcard of John Kennedy and note “They really love him here” [see pic. 11] Handbill from the “Eden Saloon” in Berlin, with a very early picture of the Beatles!! (very cool). [see pic. 12] Lots of odds and ends, including a sheet of European toilet paper. Many postcards, programs for Salzburg Festival, Salzburg Marionettes, etc. Many Postcards maps and letters from both Alida and from Julia Wilson. Tickets, receipts for purchases. France and Monte Carlo – tickets to the Casino. More of the same in Spain, bullfight etc. SCRAPBOOK 6 [Wooden Boards]. 1947-1953 [see pic. 13] Mostly from Kit Davison’s childhood. With many snap shots of Kit with her father, Charlie. There are several pages of snapshots of a family wedding at the University Chapel, as well as waiting for the wedding in front of Pavilion V Kit’s sixth birthday; pictures from her first day of school, etc. Dancing class at the Hoffman School, in 1948-49. Picture of bridge and groom – guests of Dean and Mrs. James Southall Wilson in front of the elaborately decorated mantle of Pavilion V (with Kit) This apparently a second wedding, as Kit notes “I was flower girl again. Entered 2nd grade” Newspaper clippings James Southall Wilson Summer vacation trips – Mount Vernon; Westmoreland State park, Monticello Pix of Charlie playing golf, Kit at Camp Kit with her father and grandfather Pix “At the Weitzell’s cabin, 1953” SCRAPBOOK 7. Alida Wilson Davison. 1931-1936 With pictures of Alida's sister Nancy Pavilion V, Alida in the garden, JSW in the garden. Notice from paper that Mrs. JSW, Alida and Nancy had sent out invitation to a dance at Pavilion V. With notation that “It was at this party that I first met Charlie” Pix from Alida’s freshman year at Wellesley Nancy Wilson’s graduation invitation and commencement program from Sweet Briar Alida’s pay record for being a counselor at Camp Alleghany (she was voted the most original counselor) A number of photographs from Camp Alleghany Copy of the Alleghany Rattler (the camp newspaper) More pix of Pavilion V Cousin Jim Gilmer Clippings of College Presidents – including Ellen Pendleton of Wellesley and John Lloyd Newcomb of the University – notes “Both of my presidents in the same paper”. Pictures of Alida’s sophomore year. Telegram to Mrs. JSW “Arrived safely. Had marvelous flight home Friday ten thirty seven” from 1933. With air traveller’s packet of Absorbent Cotton and Wrigley’s Chewing Gum for blocking your ears. Notes – This was Alida’s first airplane flight. Second telegram (radiogram) from Nancy Wilson to Mrs. JSW at Camp Alleghany re arriving in England for trip by ship Alida’s airplane itinerary with pictures of her and pix of the plane (it was pretty small!). Letter from Director of Camp Allegheny regarding a reference for Alida for another camp job (and inviting her to return to Camp Allegheny). Pix of Charlie Davison and Nancy on the Lawn in the snow. Conference for Church Workers brochure (Shrine Mont) in 1934 “Spent 3 days here with Charlie. It was very interesting”. Envelope with “Grades” etc. Pic from Wellesley graduation Letter from Red Cross appointing Alida as a Red Cross Life Saving Examiner for Camp Naidni in Brandon, Vermont Pix of Pavilion V garden, Nancy in the doorway, etc. Also pix of a Tucker family reunion in Williamsburg. Wooden nickel from Randy and Betty Church to “pay” for knife I gave them. Letter from St. Anne’s School in Charlottesville giving Alida a $100 bonus (“but keep it a secret”). The 1936 annual for St. Anne’s School, dedicated to Alida Wilson (with real photographs throughout) Award of Merit presented to Charlie Davison by the Jefferson Society. 1936 clipping re election of new Ravens (including Charlie) SCRAPBOOK 8. Alida Wilson, 1936-1938 Photo JSW and Julia Wilson at Breadloaf, 1935 [see pic. 14] Photos Charlie D and Julia Wilson on Lawn Pix of Wilsons and Davisons at Ware Neck. And Pic of the 1932 Chevrolet (The Puddle Jump). Pix of the housekeeper – Beulah – on the Lawn Memorabilia from wedding of JSW’s niece. JSW gave her in marriage. Ribbons from Flowers given by Charlie to Alida Ticket stubs UVA VMI game in Lexington – C & A went to the game Birthday greeting poem from “The Old Man” [JSW?]: There’s always cause for my Thanksgiving Since first with me you started living. I wish you then a Happy Birthday That I may have full many a mirth day Etc. Newspaper clippings incl. Charlie on Boxing in ‘College Topics’ Handmade menu – dinner at Student Commons, April 1937 University Glee Club program Silk lining from Keller & George box (ring?) Kitten dining on the Lawn Clipping re Wilson made Dean of Graduate work A series of snap snapshots of the Construction work on Alderman Library: The New library after about 2 months, 3 months, 6 months; completed with picture inside and out. Invitations to Charlie's graduation and Baccalaureate Service Pics of Charlie on the Lawn; letters and telegrams The tag of his diploma with his full name (as it is to be read out) Telegram from Charlie to Alida – “On the Job!” June 28,1937 Pics of houseparty at Irvington with Charlie and Alida Programs from Virginia Players Program from Albemarle Child Welfare production of Ayn Rand’s “Night of January 16th” Pix of Alida, Charlie and friends on the Lawn; Alida and her parents in front of the Rotunda [see pic. 15] Program for Julius Caesar with Prologue by JSW Photos Charlie’s parents; Charlie and Alida Marriage notes Photo of Lady and her puppies Pictures of JSW,. Sister Nancy at Etratat Splendid photo of JSW reading on the porch of Pavilion V “Jack, Al and John” pouring drinks straight from the bottle into paper cups in the Rotunda as a Farewell to the Rotunda on the last day the library was in the Rotunda [see pic. 16] A Kiddiegram to Alida – Brush your teeth, comb your hair, hurry to bed, say your prayer, and before you know it I will be there”. Roy [see pic. 17] Pictures of JSW and Julia Alida Wilson and Charles Davison’s wedding certificate, signed by Rev. H. St. George Tucker (who would become Presiding Bishop of Episcopal Church) Wedding cards, ribbons,etc. A very funny typed note from Circulation Librarian at Alderman Roy Land McEwen in response to invitation to Charlie and Alida's wedding: in which among other things “She promises to weep only a discreet tear and not give way to the turbulent emotions which arise at the thought of little puddin’ leaving”. A charming pair of Walt Disney cardboard shoes that balloons attach too from the Library Party that Roy gave for Alida SCRAPBOOK 9. Leather Portfolio [see pic. 18] A leather portfolio given to Alida Wilson as a wedding gift by Science Fiction illustrator William Elliott Dold (1856-1942). With a letter written in his fine hand enclosing a piece of lace (not present). With many quotes written in his hand, almost like a commonplace book. With cut out illustrations, including rather incongruously a picture of the Presidents General of the U.D.C. A number of beautifully penned poems (original?). Some quoting John B. Tabb, Lord Lytton, etc. In an envelope at the back of the book are several beautifully penned letters from Dold to the Alida and her sister. [see pics. 19, 20, 21] SCRAPBOOK 10. James Southall Wilson. Clippings and related history TLS from T. J. B. Walsh at Scribner’s to Lawrence Lee at University of Pittsburgh about approaching JSW re work, with a handwritten note from Lee to JSW Noted by JSW on the envelope: “Re: finding work after retirement”. Pamphlet by Deans of Southern Graduate Schools with JSW material. With note to Kit from Alida enclosing “sweet remembrances” – cards that she found in JSW’s desk April 1924 issue of The Virginia Journal of Education, with article on Poe by JSW Issue of The Saturday Review from 1943, with article by JSW Program of Twelfth Night at William and Mary, 1907) with Julia Tyler as Viola and James Southall Wilson as Malvolio. [see pic. 22] Many newspaper clipping, invitation of Phi Beta Kappa Society dinner at the Raleigh Tavern. Alumni Day programs at W&M honoring JSW’s Father. Full page from the Little Rock Paper – Arkansas Democratic Editorial Section – with JSW’s picture with an article by him: “Answer to Why South Fails to Support Southern Magazines Not that Southerners Do Not Read, Says Dr. James Wilson” Menu from a banquet in honor of JSW given by “The School of English” TLS from Wyndham Blanton to JSW thanking him for an address at the Virginia Historical Society, and for his “penetrating analysis of Poe”. Also letter inviting him to give the address, tls from Natalie Blanton to Alida Wilson, and a few handwritten notes by JSW about Poe (presumably from his lecture) all in the same envelope. Letter from Gov. Almond’s office re JSW speaking at the dedication of the Poe Statue (presumably in Capitol Square, Richmond). Program from the unveiling of the statue Envelope with obituaries for JSW Clippings re dedication of Wilson Hall SCRAPBOOK 11. Alida Wilson at Camp Alleghany Many photographs – canoe meets, “backwards” day; tent life Various patches, many rather charmingly homemade in felt – the “Star Gazey Emblem”, moth-eaten “Honor Girl Emblems” etc. The Blue Party with a Robin Hood theme Program Fourteenth Annual Horse shoe Banquet memorabilia (Theme was The Wind in the Willows) Interesting photograph of girls at the C&O Train Station to catch the train for camp Handwritten Program for Dance Recital. Pennant for Camp Greenbrier Admission tickets Greenbrier Polo Field at “the White” More banquets and programs (hand painted) theme for this one is Alice in Wonderland Pictures from the 1937, including groups of girls from Charlottesville All the little girls in Alida’s tent Campfires, canoe trips, basketball games. Horseshows Last page is accounting of Alida’s “salary” at Camp Alleghany. SCRAPBOOK 12 (2 scrapbooks tied together). Alida Wilson’s earlier years. Alida’s high school diploma St. Anne’s School A number of pages of “autographs” with messages from friends Poem “To Alida at Thirteen” by Popsy her Playmate European memoirs (theater tickets, ticket to Stonehenge, etc) from JSW and Julia’s trip abroad in 1926 Note from Department of Health in Norfolk to the effect that Alida Wilson can be admitted to school, noting that she has had diphtheria. A whole group of snapshots labeled “When we were very young” with among others a picture of JSW with Alida and Nancy in from of the Rotunda labeled “The Centininal (sic) of the Burning of the Rotunda. [see pics. 23, 24] Handbill, The Virginia Players, “Ten Nights in a Bar-Room” at Cabell Hall Picture “Uncle Lyon” Tyler January 1926, one year old Snapshots girls St. Anne’s School An “Epic Poem” – very amusing – from Gardner Carter at Cobb Chemical Laboratory at the University. Several stanzas. Begins “Dear Lida | I hear a naughty naughty bug has bit you in the throat | So I would like to write you a sympathetic note | If you don’t mind I hope that you will quote me to this bug | And say that both as microbe and as insect he’s a thug.” Birthday greetings in French from Ruth Dillard Alida contributed .50 to the fund “toward the purchase of Monticello as a National Shrine”. Much on Alida at Camp Alleghany – very solemn letter addressed to Alida was a new Honor Girl: “New honor girl, you keep your first vigil tonight before the fire”. Pix of the Canoe Club “Grey Crew” and “Blue Crew” Program for Camp Alleghany Field Day, 1929 Place card for Alida from the camp banquet Pictures from Christmas 1929. Cutting down Christmas tree with Lion Tyler and sister Nancy Pix from St. Anne's. With place card from the Senior Banquet and a “token” (small bar of soap) “swiped” from Farmington. Many cards, telegrams, notes and clippings about graduation. Enlarged black and white photo of Alida with a horse Ticket admitting Alida to take College Boards at “John Marshall High School” in Richmond, June 1930. Much from Camp again Program and photos from Field Day Memorabilia from trip to Guantanamo, Cuba, 1930 Annapolis for Football game Clipping re her father. Picture of Stringfellow Barr, re succeeding JSW as Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review. Alida wrote below it “The King is dead. Long live the King!” More pix of St. Anne’s School. Luncheon with Winnie-the-Pooh theme. Favor from Pooh’s luncheon. Report Card. Letter from St. Margaret’s School in Tappahannock re a basketball came at St. Anne’s The Ginger Jar (year book?) from St. Anne’s with real photographs. Program from Twelfth Night at Cabell Hall, with Alida as Curio, noting “My first appearance in a “real” play, not a child’s play”. Pictures from “Sugar Hollow” “about 10 minutes before I broke my arm”. With prescription for Veronal. “one of the many things I took those first few days of a broken arm”. TLS from Governor Pollard inviting Alida and Nancy to be present (“as descendants”) at the unveiling of a bust of John Tyler. Many more photos from Camp Alleghany Telegram from JSW to Alida informing her that “Wellesley accepts you”. And an envelope address to “Piglet Camp Alleghany, West Virginia. Tent 16” on stationery from “Park Hill” Charlottesville that just says “HURRAH”. More programs from Horse Shows, Field Days, etc. Part of Program for Dedication of Scott Stadium in 1931 with tickets from VMI UVA Football game Alida’s diploma from St. Anne’s School SCRAPBOOK 13. Kit Davison, infancy through first six or seven years Charlie mimicking his infant daughter’s “big yawn” at 3 weeks. Kit’s first pictures at 2 ½ weeks Kit with grandmother Julia Wilson And of course with her mother, Alida Pictures of christening, taken on the Lawn (the pix, not the christening). With Charlie’s parents; with JSW and Julia. With her parents. With JSW and Julia’s housekeeper, Beulah. With her Aunt Nancy, and Nancy’s children With “Aunt” Roy, who must have been Roy Evans of the Library. Her first baby “romance” – with Sydney Strother Smith Pictures of other children (cousins) and friends First birthday with cake Many other baby pix A formal photograph of housekeeper “Beulah” [see pic. 26] Nancy with her son John Photograph from Charles Davison’s application for the Marines A number of pictures with Charlie’s parent Second birthday (with a bigger cake!) Pictures from “Daddy’s last week as a civilian” Pictures of Charlie at Quantico Pictures of Charlie as a Marine on the Lawn, and in Richmond [see pic. 27] Charlie and Alida at Quantico Daddy on furlough with pictures in front of Alderman Library, Pavilion V, and the Lawn. Picture at 407 Valley Road, and then in Alexandria Birth of a sister Julia Tyler Davison, who sadly died the next day. Pix of Daddy in uniform on the lawn; JSW and Julia with a number small children on the porch of Pavilion V. Visit to Richmond. More pix on Valley Road. “Bamma” [Julia], “Da” [JSW] and Kit on the Lawn [see pic. 28] Color snapshots – and named as such. Kit on rocking horse “Gardenia” on the Lawn. Kit in a chair on the Lawn. Mother and me at the University near the Rotunda Charlie as a Marine. His ship. The baseball team in Saipan (with Charlie with a moustache). JSW posed on the Lawn. Cousins visiting. Children playing, building snowmen, etc on the Lawn. Vacation in Nags Head, August ’46. Charlie on the beach, with Grandmother Julia (I think). September ’46. Many children at Pavilion V. Pictures of cousins and friends. Visit to Tyler plantation home, Sherwood Forest. Vacation at Hungry Mother State Park in August ’47. SCRAPBOOK 14. Bamma (Julia Wilson) Wedding; First Home; Early Married Years; me (Alida) as child. Almost all the pix in this album are identified. Charlie Davison’s driver’s license; blood donor certificate; card for “Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Indpendence”; Air Raid Warden; etc. [see pic. 29] Pictures c. 1913 of children and JSW at the Tucker House in Williamsburg House in Dublin VA, Julia on porch with Nancy Pix of JSW, Julia, Nancy, “Aunt Pearl” at house in Dublin [see pic. 30] Pix of Nancy at Edgewater; also Alida with “Aunt Alida” Aunt Alida with JSW and others at Edgewater Father (JSW) eating peanut brittle with “us 4 – Alida, Nancy and others" Pix at beach in Easthampton, Long Island Pix at Easton Duval’s house on Oakhurst Circle Playing in Gildersleeve Woods Pix at Aunt Pearl’s in Shawsville Pic of Margaret Montague and Edna Turpin by the statue of Homer in front of Cabell Hall At Tucker House, c. 1920 in Wmsburg Aunt Liz and Lion Miles in the Philippines More pix Gildersleeve Woods Rather randomly stuck in, Note from Bootsie (?) to Alida (Piglet) signed “Pooh Bear” sent after Charlie died in 1995 Back to pix of children in the 1920’s: Alida as child Then about 1950: Reception of Charlie and Alida wedding in garden of Pavilion Picture of flowers massed at Julia’s funeral JSW with Aunt Pearl in 1946 Three “grand dames” – one must have been Julia Lion and Gardi Miles pix Wedding photo clipped from Norfolk paper of Mrs. Lion Tyler Miles Clipping of gunboat “Asheville” sunk in the Pacific, 1942 Miles’ home in Norfolk Studio portrait of Aflred Hart Miles; also Elizabeth Gilmer Tyler Miles. Lyon Gardner Tyler in Naval officer uniform TLS from Lyon Tyler to Julia in his capacity as Assistant Director of the Virginia Civil War Commission re a speaking engagement Wilson’s with friends in 1955 Color photo of Julia and JSW at a wedding at the University about 1960 Also with friends on a cruise about 1960 Wearing funny hats on the cruise. Julia in (absurd) fancy dress. Baby Kit in “Mr. Drewry’s Christening Gown” on the Lawn; also at 600 N. Overlook Kit in snow on lawn in ‘46 Charlie’s father at retirement (holding a golf bag) Kit as young girl; at Sharps cottage Kit with Charlie in front of plane Group in Palatka, Florida Pix from Virginia Beach. Perkins Abernethy in academic gown Party for Kit’s class (St. Anne’s?) Family pix at Sharps – Charlie with a bushel basket of fish Pix of Tylers (presumably with Julia) in the White House Pic of Charlies looking sheepish, wearing a lei with a young Hawaiian woman More family pix. Charlie and Alida on Fontaine Avenue Charlie in Clark Hall; and at the Libel Show (Cabell Hall) SCRAPBOOK 15. ALMOST ENTIRELY CLIPPINGS RELATED TO ROBERT FROST (PERHAPS COLLECTED BY KIT WHEN YOUNG) Of interest: Tearsheet Cover and Story from Time Magazine, sent to JSW with note from Williston Rich, Assistant to the publisher: “I am sending you this in advance … I think you will find it especially interesting" [see pic. 31] Clipping of Edgar Shannon with Frost and C. Waller Barrett at library dedication TLS from Phyllis Armstrong at Library of Congress inviting JSW and Julia to a part that Frost was giving at the LOC – “He hopes very much that you can come”. Program from the Robert Frost Memorial Service at Amherst College in 1963; with invitation to attend. [see pic. 32] Special issue of Amherst Student newspaper dedicated to Frost Handwritten invitation from The Jefferson Society to a luncheon in the Rotunda in honor of “Mr. Robert Frost”. SCRAPBOOK 16. Embossed “Katherine Davison” A typical scrapbook from a young American woman’s trip to Europe, 1964. Stopping at the World’s Fair in New York before departing on July 1, 1964 Edinburgh Castle, Tower of London; Stratford; Buckingham Palace; Hampton Court; the canals at Amsterdam; the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen; Bus trip to East Berlin – “Various views of the horrid Berlin Wall which encloses a remarkably quiet, grey, and sad city”. Hotel in Salzburg; Vienna; on to Italy – Venice, Rome, Florence Switzerland; the Riviera (trying out new bikinis!) Spain—grapes, siestas, bull fight Paris and Versailles Last pic is of a bidet full of washing SCRAPBOOK 17. Alida Wilson & Kit Davison. 1977-1981 Almost all identified Mostly color snapshots and Kit, her father Charlie Davison, and her mother, as well as her Aunt Nancy Tucker Wilson Pix of Charlie Davison at Creekwood Christmas 1978 – Charlie wearing an engineers cap and holding a train The well house and hen house all cleaned up and painted by Charlie and Kit SCRAPBOOK 18. Alida Wilson & Kit Davison. May 1982-Dec. 1987 Almost all identified. More of the same.. Davison dog’s death – “Chu Chu” died at 1856 Edgewood Much on the new poodle, Sam Christmas celebrations, etc. Nice studio portrait of Charlie at the back SCRAPBOOK 19. May 1981-1982 More of the same. Color snaps of family members – Charlie, Alida and Kit. Charlie in snappy fall clothes on the Lawn SCRAPBOOK 20. 1987 More snapshots. Dog in UVA costume. Charlie in orange blazer before the North Carolina game Davison grandchildren climbing on the statue of Homer Dawn Woltz in Garden Club magazine 1988 Charlie playing croquet Davison’s 50th anniversary party at Farmington Moving. Installing septic tank. Sam the poodle’s dogtag 3 different portrait photographs of George and Barbara Bush SCRAPBOOK 21. December 1990-June 1994 Snapshots, mostly family pix of the period. Kit's Garden, Christmas Tree Canned White House photos -- Bush | Quayle; Bush | Barbara Bush [see pics. 33, 34] Anniversary Cards for Charlie and Alida A couple of clippings about a Crestar official (Peter R. Boyd) being sentence to prison for bank fraud (don't know what the connection is). A color photograph of the First Pres. Bush with Alida's granddaughter More family celebrations Charlie and Alida's poodle Letter from John Page Williams of Tidewater Publishers sharing Alida's concern that no one be injured by copperhead snakes (presumably at the river house) A couple of TLS from author Parke Rouse re Williamsburg house Clipping of "young Democrat" Charlie Davison (a grandson) Original watercolor by Dawn Woltz (law school connection?) Irby Cauthen's obituary. SCRAPBOOK 22. June, 1994 Labeled Daddy's obit. Move to 302 Hickory. Furniture Pictures. With picture of George Bush with son Jeb Card from Jeb Bush family. Pix at Tyler home, Sherwood Forest Obit for Alida's sister, Nancy Wilson Mann. Order of service from funeral. Letter from Parke Rouse -- noted in Alida's hand, "Kit, please keep for me" Death of Charlie Davison. Order of service from funeral Pics of relatives. Nancy's three children by her grave. Family furniture given to Kit Canned photos of Newt Gingrich Poem "Sonnet on Dying" found in Nancy's bed TLS to Alida from Alexander Gilliam, Rector of the University, re Charlie's death SCRAPBOOK 23. Labeled in Kit's hand, "Parents-- early; Pat's wedding; St. Agnes Class Photograph of "Aunt Jacqueline Davison" -- a very aged lady sitting on a porch in a bentwood rocker. Picture of Alida in riding habit [see pic. 35] Picture of Charlie as Eagle Scout [see pic. 36], in the Marines, and getting some kind of award at the Statler Hilton Pix of Alida as a young woman; Kit as a child; Kit as a flower girl in a wedding (I think in front of the mantle in the Pavilion) Class pix of Kit at St. Agnes School in Alexandria. Family Christmas cards. SCRAPBOOK 24. Kit's handwriting. Bermuda | Sarah's Wedding | Aunt Nancy's Wedding | 1504 Park (in Richmond) Appears to be late '60's. Color snapshots of various festivities. Charlie passing drinks. 2 black and white photos of Strother Smith running for House of Delegates with Kit (?) at his side SCRAPBOOK 25. Kit Davison. 1964-1967 Envelope from the White House, addressed to Mrs. James Southall Wilson, with an invitation from Mrs. Roosevelt who was "happy to receive" Mrs. Wilson at a reception Enlarged photographs from a wedding in which Kit was a bridesmaid TLS from Frances Farmer at the Law Library expressing disappointment that "circumstances" prevented Kit from joining the staff at the library Many clippings, godparent certificates, and a remarkable number of formal wedding invitations. A Goldwater '64 button [see pic. 37] An interesting "Easters '65 Magazine" (went with Ron McKiney) Cocktail napkin from the Fairmount Hotel in San Francisco Sympathy notes re the death of her grandmother, Mrs. JSW Trip to Barbados Valentines Program from Tuesday Evening Concert Series; Program from the Libel Show Playbill from trip to New York with her parents (they saw "Hello Dolly"). Program from the University League, presenting "Cabaret Goes Carnival" at the Fry's Spring Beach Club [see pic. 38] SCRAPBOOK 26. Kit Davison. Trip to England. Late 1970's Almost entirely postcards and snapshots from the trip. Several air letters from Kit to her parents back home SCRAPBOOK 27. Kit Davison. Early 1970's Snapshots, mostly Kit and her family -- Charlie cleaning fish at the river; Christmas festivities, Charlie with his father; and more. SCRAPBOOK 28. Kit Davison, Early 1960's More of the same. (though fewer in number) OTHER ITEMS: ENVELOPE: Charlie Davison Charles Marshall Davison, Jr. certificates and licenses: December 2, 1932 Jefferson Society UVA special merit October 4, 1933 Intermediate Honors UVA June 1944 to August 16, 1944 Marine Corps certificate Aviation Ground Officers November 10, 1936 License to practice law before the Supreme Court of Appeals in the Commonwealth of Virginia [see pic. 39] Obituary: The Daily Progress, Charlottesville VA Monday, February 20, 1995 re death of Nancy Wilson Mann, sister of Alida Wilson Davison and granddaughter of President John Tyler FOLDER: A number of copies of TLS from Charlie to his Alida's parents (JSW & Julia) covering a number of subjects -- from advising Julia on how to sell a car, advising JSW on his taxes and social security; inquiring of John Battle whether the zoning requirements are met by a group of University Students living in a house across the street ("While many of the young men at the University are highly desirable neighbors, nevertheless"). These are dated in 1953 into 1956 [see pic. 40] Charlie addressed JSW as "Dr." and Julia Wilson as "Mrs" -- that is not Dr. Wilson but "Dr." and not "Mrs. Wilson" but "Mrs." -- kind of pet names. There are several ALS from JSW to Charlie. Some dealing with building a house and personal legal matters: "I told Mr. Darden that you offered to advise on any specific question regarding the security matter and he expressed great appreciation ..." and "The work has on the whole gone forward well. Floors are down, doors are in (putting in locks and knobs inside today..." A signed Memorandum of Agreement between JSW | Julia and Charlie | Alida regarding transfer of ownership of house. Correspondence with Miss Cook of the Swem Library re gift of Poe Letters PHOTOGRAPH ROBERT FROST A 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" photograph of Robert Frost and JSW taken in the Rotunda on April 28, 1961 and signed on the back by Mr. Frost and Dr. Wilson [see pic. 41, 42] BRIDAL PORTRAIT FOLDER (BACHRACH) Formal wedding photograph, of (I believe) Nancy Wilson, with Alida at her side. Many congratulatory telegrams from the marriage of Alida and Charlie [see pic. 43] LETTERS [see pic. 44] GROUP OF 26 LETTERS FROM ALIDA WILSON TO CHARLIE. July 1934 TO June 1938 The letters from Alida, mostly from the summer camp Naidni in Brandon, Vermont or from Wellesley. Almost all on personal stationery with her name and the camp (some on Wellesley stationery). Addressed to Charlie first at Keewayadin Camp and then at his room on Brandon Avenue in Charlottesville, care of Mrs. McIlhaney. The final in the group are addressed to Charlie on Grove Avenue in Richmond. They are the letters of a young and maturing woman who is pretty smitten; innocent and charming. GROUP OF 46 + LETTERS FROM CHARLIE TO HIS PARENTS IN RICHMOND. DATED FROM JAN. 2, 1945 TO DECEMBER 19, 1945 (a few without envelopes and undated; plus one letter from Strother Scott to Charlie's parents) Towards the end of the war (in June '45 he wrote "the war news in the Pacific is good") when Charlie was serving in the Marines, mostly in Cal, though some are from North Carolina and some from Charlottesville). ENVELOPE ADDRESSED TO MR. AND MRS. CHARLES DAVISON. MARKED: LETTERS TO KIT, FROM AUNTS, COUSINS, PARENTS. With 28 letters to Kit, a number – but not all – from her parents. An old photograph of sisters Alida and Nancy Wilson A packet of letters to Mrs. JSW, to Alida (including a letter to Alida at 3 West Lawn, from Charlie’s mother, notes “My first letter from Mrs. D” dated April 20, 1937; with one dated 1963 notes “My last letter from Mrs. D”). A number of letters of Mr. and Mrs. JSW at their home on Rugby place. Quite a cute letter addressed to “Poe’s Ghost” c/o Dr. and Mr.s James Wilson, Pavilion 5” and written in spooky handwriting. TLS from the Dean at Wellesley to JSW re the “distinction accorded to Alida for her work last year at the University of Virginia”. Several letters from Alida to her parents at Pavilion 5 from the period when she and Charlie were living in Alexandria. A birthday card to JSW from Alida, sent from Wellesley in 1931 and addressed to “Mr. Jimmie Wilson | Pavilion 5 | etc.” with a poem written to him as if her were a small boy on his birthday. ENVELOPE. LABELED “SOME OF KIT’S HOLLINS LETTERS” A group of 19 letters from Kit at Hollins to her parents. One letter from Kit to her parents at Sharps from 1966 when she was teaching Two Hollins newspapers One postcard from Kit to her grandparents on Rugby Place Invitation to Kit’s graduation from Hollins in 1964 Letter. From Sally Hamilton in 1930 with a formal invitation to Prof. and Mrs. James Southall Wilson inviting them to the dedication of a bronze statue of Lieutenant Lion Gardiner in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. GROUP OF LETTERS IN ZIPLOCK BAG A group of a dozen or so letters from the 1890’s stuffed into two envelopes and addressed to a Miss H. D. Stonestreet of Norbeck, Maryland. Gossipy. The letters are from “K” – Katherine Janny Stonestreet and are to her address. Katherine was “Grandmother Davison” (she appears to have been irritated a lot of the time). [Note: There was a large store in Norbeck in the period operated by A. E. Stonestreet]. One letter from Charlie to his parents stuffed in with the earlier letters. TRAVEL DIARY KEPT BY KIT DURING HER TRIP “ABROAD” IN 1964. Some amusing observations: “Oddities” in England include no ice and “funny toilet paper”. A TLS TO CHARLIE FROM A COUSIN, FRANK CLARK OF RICHMOND, DETAILING THE FAMILY CONNECTION OF DESCENT FROM JAMES MARSHALL, THE BROTHER OF JOHN MARSHALL. 3 pp, with a Simple Genealogical Chart and an enclosure [see pic. 45] The enclosure is a receipt from one Goldsmith Chandler for goods purchased by James Marshall (a moon clock with a glass and a case for The enclosure is a receipt from one Goldsmith Chandler for goods purchased by James Marshall (a moon clock with a glass and a case for £23). Dated 1799. James Markham Marshall was born in Fauquier County, Virginia; served in the Continental Army; married the daughter of Robert Morris (financier of the American Revolution) and practiced law in Virginia and was a judge in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia BOX WITH HOME MOVIES [NOTE: NO REPRESENTATION IS MADE AT TO THE CONDITION OF THESE FILMS] [see pics. 46, 47] Four 8 mm. movies in cans, each labeled by Alida (I think) (1) Various family vacations -- 1954 trip west, trip to Florida, rabbits on Fontaine Avenue; film of the neighborhood in Charlottesville; Richmond with grandparents; Army - Navy game in 1956; etc. (2) Mardi Gras in 1958; trip to Bermuda in 1959; film of Hollins in 1960; the house at the river; Story Book Land in 1962 (what was that??), Father's Day in 1962 (3) Moving from Fontaine St. in 1963; Trip to Williamsburg; opening of the Tappahannock Bridge; Canadian trip; Kit's Kindergarten class (4) Charlie, Kit and Alida's trip to Hawaii in August 1969 (with a volcanic eruption); Liz, Charlie & Kit in the garden of 1856; Trip to "the Orient" in 1973; Alaska; Hong Kong Typhoon; Kit's helicopter ride Also is the Owner's Instruction Manual ["How to take Movies with Revere-eight Model "88" Camera. A box with a Franklin Standard Film Splicer A bottle of "Cine Film Cement" (presumably used in splicing). BOX OF MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS The booklet from the Hill-Irving Funeral Home recording all of the many dozens of people who sent flowers at the time of Julia Wilson's death: the Perkins Abernethy's; Arthur Kyle Davis; Mrs. James Branch Cabell and Ballard; Nancy and Fred Bowers; The Virginia Quarterly Review; Betty and Irby Cauthen; etc. etc. This was in December of 1965 Laid in is the Order of Service from her funeral at Christ Church in Charlottesville Also a typed remembrance of Julia by her sister, written in 1972 Copy of "Books, The Journal of the National Book League" with an article on "[Walter] de la Mare in America" by JSW, with his signature on the top. A large number of postcards from traveling friends mostly to JSW and Julia (we noticed postcards from Irby Cauthen, Fred Bowers and from John Coleman (who taught in the Department of English). There are also some pc's to the Davison's. There are postcards from Alida Wilson to her daughter Kit, and some from Julia Wilson. Postcard from Julia to Nancy when she was at Sweet Briar; postcards from Nancy and Alida when they were living in Pavilion V, and much more. [see pic. 48] A small framed invitation to a party at the Farmington Club in honor of Mr. and Mrs. James Southall Wilson Copies of Julia Tyler Wilson and JSW's Wills [see pic. 49] A large envelope of material related to the Restoration of the Rotunda in the 1970's with "The Rape of the Rotunda" scrawled on it by Julia (we deduce she didn't like the change). [see pic. 50] Booklet for the U.S.S. Salerno Bay, the ship Charlie Davison was on during World War II [see pic. 51, 52] 8 x10" photo of Charlie with what we are guessing is the board of the Southern Railway; Charlie worked there as Comptroller [see pic. 53] Notebook with clippings regarding the Grand Duchess Anastasia who wasn't; includes a sympathy notes from Jack Manahan, her husband; the note rather incongrously mentions Manahan's attempt to recover money for boxes "stolen from Anastasia" [see pics. 54, 55] . A Christmas Card labeled in Alida's hand "To Daddy [JSW] from JFK- - 1960" with the signature "Jack Kennedy" not looking like any Kennedy or secretarial signature that I've ever seen. [see pics. 56, 57] The list of Julia's personal property prepared by Martha Jefferson Hospital at the time of her death [see pic. 58]