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Administrative Committees/Cemetery- addition

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ViU-2021-0133

Content Description

This addition to RG 20/10/3 Administrative Committees/ Cemetery includes slides of headstones of the University of Virginia Cemetery made between 1993 and 1996 and 9 DVDs containing files of the digitized slides and associated HTML files. This project was conducted by Alison K. Burke (MLA 1995) during the summer of 1993, the winter of 1994, and from the fall of 1995 to the spring of 1996 with additional work by Alison Kipp (MLA 1996) during the summer of 1995. Several other students also completed work on the cemetery records before 1993. The photographing of headstones continued the work first done in the late 1960s by Professor Garlick. This work was completed under the supervision of Jeff Ertel of the University of Virginia's Facilities Management Department. The photographing of cemetery stones was part of a larger project primarily designed to correct and upkeep records and create a new database held by the Landscape Office of Facilities Management. This collection documents the photography portion of the project; each stone was rephotographed, and the slides were labeled by name and plot number. The boxes contain the slides, organized by cemetery sections. Box ViU2021.0133_001 contains slides from section A; Box ViU2021.0133_002 contains slides from sections B, C, and D; and Box ViU2021.0133_003 contains slides from sections E and F. The optical disks consist primarily of digitized slides. Files have been given numerical identifiers which correlate to numbers on the back of the slide. In addition, there are HTML files that may have been associated with a project with the cemetery.

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Collection transferred by Christina Deane, manager of the Digital Production Group, 24 October 2019.

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Access Restrictions

This collection is minimally processed and open for research. Please note: Original digital media (floppy disks, zip disks, thumb drives, born digital files, etc.) cannot be handled directly by patrons. Please contact Special Collections via our online Reference Request form,, to request access to these materials. Please be aware that additional actions may be required to make these items available. Items will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis before access can be made. Depending on the size of the request, it may take some time to make them available for use.


  • Creation: c.1996



.67 Cubic Feet (3 Clamshell slide boxes and 18 cds)

35.4 Gigabytes (5,494 files including JPGs, TIFFs, HTML, and text files, )


3 boxes of slides, 1 box of dvds

  • 1 box of optical disks (9 disks) that are duplicate set of disks. Labels of the CDs are the same. Checked the contents of 1 set of disk with the same label and they contained the same information/ had the same checksums.