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Attorney's Ledger, 1884-1890 [from Connecticut?]

Identifier: MSS-96-2
Scope and Contents ACQUISITION INFORMATION DATE RECEIVED 1996 DONOR INFORMATION This collection was purchased from Mary Gilliam for the Law Library in March of 1996.
Dates: 1884-1890

Attorney's Ledger, Boston, 1871-1875

Identifier: MSS-97-8
Scope and Contents ACQUISITION INFORMATION DATE RECEIVED 1997 DONOR INFORMATION This book was purchased from Steve Finer Rare books in 1997.
Dates: 1871-1875

Charles and Thomas Frankland Legal Record Books, ca. 1740 - 1811

Identifier: MSS-89-3
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This collection contains two handwritten commonplace books compiled by two generations of lawyers in Bedale, Yorkshire, Charles and Thomas Frankland. Three of the functions of these volumes appear to be: to have available all information relevant to Frankland property (land, debtors, etc.); to have available a wide range of legal information, precedents, cases, forms of words, etc.; and to have available information about important clients and matters...
Dates: ca. 1740-1811

Commission of Assize for the Circuit of Northern Ireland

Identifier: MSS-78-10
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This collection contains one document with a large seal embossed in wax, and two letters. The document was presented to Sir Anthony Babington in the spring of 1944, who then gave it to C. Robert Bard after Bard had visited him and other members of the bar in Northern Ireland in 1951.

Dates: 1944-1951

Christian S. Hutter miscellany

Identifier: MSS 15511
Scope and Contents This autograph and miscellany collection created by Christian Sixtus Hutter consists of miscellaneous material ranging from circa 1602 to 1945 and includes autographs, correspondence, government documents, financial and legal documents, military documents, and telegrams, chiefly from the United States and Great Britain, but also including some material from continental Europe. While most of the collection is in the English language, there are a number of documents in French, German, Spanish,...
Dates: circa 1602-1945

Inventory of the Legal Papers of Roger B. Taney

Identifier: MSS-87-3
Dates: 1792, 1805-1818

Inventory of the Papers of Lewis Preston Collins

Identifier: MSS -85-6
Dates: [undated]>

Inventory of the Papers of Neill H. Alford, Jr.

Identifier: MSS -90-3

John W. Stephenson Private Accounts, 1874-1886, Warm Springs, Va [Ledger]

Identifier: MSS-85-8
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This ledger was purchased from Alderman Library in June of 1985. It consists of one volume divided in what appear to be client accounts, and some subdivisions titled: “Commissioner in Chancery,” Cash Account (General), Cash Account (Individual).

Dates: 1874-1886

Letter from Frank T. Glasgow to Frank Gilmer

Identifier: MSS -01-1
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT Letter from Frank T. Glasgow, an attorney from Lexington, Va. to Frank Gilmer of Charlottesville, Va.

Dates: Not dated

License to Practice Law in Virginia issued to John Douglas Simms in 1808

Identifier: MSS-97-7
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This collection contains the license to practice law issued to John Douglas Simms on October 10, 1808. It was signed by Archibald Stuart, Robert White, Jr. and [? Holmes], Judges of the General Court of Virginia.

Dates: 1808

Practice Record Book of Thomas D. Ranson, 1884-1912

Identifier: MSS-97-9
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This book contains a name index in the front; numbered pages are headed by client name; dates are given in the left margin and action or activity described to the right of them. Entries cease after page 189.

Dates: 1884-1912

R. Randolph Hicks Collection of Records of Appellate Court Cases in Virginia

Identifier: MSS-2016-04
Dates: Majority of material found within 1895 - 1915

Record Book of Samuel E. Smith, 1818 - 1850

Identifier: MSS-93-7
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This collection consists of one small leatherbound journal containing two sets of records. The front of the book contains a list of court actions for Lincoln County [Maine] Superior Judicial Court 1818 - 1820. The back of the book contains Smith's notes and records as Administrator of the Estate of Joseph E. Smith, 1837 - 1850.

Dates: 1818-1850

Robbins and Gates Record of Account, Ohio 1839-1842

Identifier: MSS-96-4
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT The Robins and Gates Record of Account includes accounts and cases ranging about the state (Montgomery, Clear Creek, Milton, Orange, Jackson, Vermillion, Mansfield), as indexed in the rear, and with brief descriptions at the front of the book as to the kind of legal services rendered (or the legal issues being tested - gaming, bastardy, deeds, pension papers, for trespass, for killing a dog, tavern license, patent papers, etc.).

Dates: 1839-1842

Aubrey E. Strode papers

Identifier: Mss 3014
Scope and Contents Aubrey E. Strode (1861-1969,88 cubic feet) was a Virginia lawyer, state senator and eugenics advocate who drafted the Virginia sterilization law and brought Buck vs. Bell to the Supreme Court. This collection consists of his personal and professional papers concerning his family, law practice, army service, political and legislative activities as a member of the Virginia Senate, the Virginia Democratic Party and the Progressive movement, and as a co-owner of the newspaper, The Amherst Progress....
Dates: 1861-1969

The Cash Book of John Brazee, 1841-1844, Ohio

Identifier: MSS -00-5
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT The Cash Book of John Brazee contains simple one line entries of fees (on versos) and expenses (on rectos) with occasional pages given over to detailed summarizations of property inventory and debt estimates.

Dates: 1841-1844

The Docket Book of Richard Watson, 1871-1889

Identifier: MSS-91-3
Scope and Contents COLLECTION DESCRIPTION & ARRANGEMENT This handwritten docket book, 1871-1889, contains information about cases handled by Richard Watson, an attorney in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Most of the cases concern debt settlements, but also included are commercial disputes and probate matters. The records contain information about disposition, costs, fees, and actions taken. The volume begins with an index of clients.

Dates: 1871-1889

The Homan W. Walsh Diaries

Identifier: MSS -78-5
Scope and Contents This collection contains 34 handwritten diaries written by Homan W. Walsh, a Charlottesville lawyer, spanning the years 1930-1963. These diaries contain Mr. Walsh daily plans and some observations on different topics.
Dates: 1930-1963

The John M. Woolsey Collection of Legal Documents

Identifier: MSS -78-6
Scope and Contents The John M. Woolsey Collection is comprised of 15 historically significant legal documents from 1790 to 1844.The papers contain the records of two cases signed by Samuel Chase, Justice of the United States Supreme Court and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. This information was recorded when Justice Chase presided over the Supreme Court of Maryland. Six papers are entirely in James Monroe’s handwriting and form an agreement of arbitration between James Monroe (5th...
Dates: 1790-1844

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Brazee, John T., 1800-1880 1
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Chase, Samuel, 1741-1811 1
Collins, Lewis Preston, 1896-1952 1
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Denman, Thomas Denman, Baron, 1779-1854 1
Dewey, Chauncey, 1796-1880 1
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Duke, William Eskridge, 1893-1959 1
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Duvall, Donald K. 1
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Folk, Ernest L., III, 1930-1989 1
Frankland, Charles 1
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Gates, E. N. 1
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Glasgow, Frank T., 1854-1917 1
Haven, Franklin, 1804-1893 1
Hicks, R. Randolph, 1870-1951 1
Hubbard family 1
Hutter, Christian Sixtus, 1891-1957 1
Korver, Robert 1
Lee, Charles Carter, 1798-1871 1
Lile, Maude Lee Carson, 1866-1942 1
Lile, William Minor, 1859-1935 1
Lintner family 1
Long, William F., 1874-1967 1
Marshall, John, 1755-1835 1
Monroe, James, 1758-1831 1
Morris Plan Bank of Virginia 1
Morris family 1
National Labor Relations Board 1
Norfolk and Western Railway Company 1
Parson, Theophilius, 1750-1813 1
Pugh family 1
Randolph, Edmund, 1753-1813 1
Ranson, J. Baldwin, 1874-1905 1
Ranson, Thomas D., 1843-1918 1
Reed, Thomas B., 1839-1902 1
Robbins, S. 1
Sadler, R. Watson, 1899-1957 1
Shawe, Earl K., 1913-2017 1
Shotwell, Stuart B., 1819-1890 1
Shugar, John Merritt, 1823-1877 1
Simms, John Douglas, 1788-1844 1
Smith, Joseph E., 1782-1837 1
Smith, Louise Dexter Hubbard Strode, 1896-1989 1
Smith, Samuel Emerson, 1788-1860 1
Stephenson, John Wilson, 1850-1921 1
Strode family 1
Strode, Aubrey Ellis, 1873-1946 1
Taney, Roger B., 1777-1864 1
Tappan, Benjamin, 1773-1857 1
Tucker, Eleanor Lile, 1892-1973 1
Tucker, Henry St. George, 1780-1848 1
Tucker, John William Stickley, 1879-1912 1
University of Georgia. School of Law 1
Upton family 1
Vaisey, Arthur William, 1851-1939 1
Virginia. Department of Highways 1
Virginia. Supreme Court 1
Walsh, Homan W., 1882-1963 1
Watson, Richard, 1823-1892 1
Whythe, George, 1726-1806 1
Woolsey, John M., 1877-1945 1
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