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Lecture recordings, 1973 - 1979

Identifier: RG-17-1-39

Scope and Contents

This file consists of recordings of Medical Center Hour lectures during the 1970s. The following is a list of the titles, speakers, dates, and call numbers for each recording:

  • Rape: what should we do about it? Miriam Birdwhistell, Ida Hiller, P. Browning Hoffman, and Thomas H. Hunter. 9/10/73. HV 6561 R35 1973
  • Cosmetic surgery: is it ethical? Milton T. Edgerton, Joseph Fletcher, and Norman J. Knorr. 11/5/73. WO 600 C695 1973
  • What rights do patients have? Joseph Fletcher, Samuel E. Miller, David D. Stone, and Jane B. Zambuto.12/3/73. W 62 W55 1973
  • The health of public figures: what should be disclosed? James F. Childress, Richard S. Crampton, Thomas H. Hunter, and Henry J. Abraham.. 1/7/74. W 700 H45 1974
  • Cruel and usual punishment: solitary confinement. Robert Showalter, Wilfred Abse, Richard J. Bonnie and Browning Hoffman. 3/4/74. HV 8728 C75 1974
  • Research using live human fetuses: when is it justifiable? Robert M. Blizzard, Joseph Fletcher, Andre E. Hellegers, and Thomas H. Hunter. 4/1/74. W 20.5 R45 1974
  • Man without kidneys: past, present, and future. Leslie E. Rudolf, W. Kline Bolton, Peter Lobo, and Fred Westervelt. 1/21/76. WJ 368 M35 1976
  • Medical therapeutics: drug developments. Charles E. Hamner, William Darro, William M. O'Brien and John A. Owen, Jr. 1/28/76. QV 771 M45 1976
  • Fetal research. Thomas H. Hunter, Douglas Clarke, Joseph Fletcher, and Davis W. Louisell. 2/4/76. W 20.5 F44 1976
  • Progress and trends in craniofacial surgery. Milton Edgerton and John Jane. 2/18/76. WE 705 P75 1976
  • Indications for antibiotic prophylaxis. Merle Sande, J. Owen Hendley, Robert Thompson, and William R. Sandusky. 2/25/76. WB 330 I56 1976
  • Problems of black students in medicine. Thomas H. Hunter, Eric Baugh, William R. Drucker, Eugene Foster, and Vivian Pinn. 3/3/76. W 18 P73 1976
  • The Cancer cell membrane. Thomas E. Thompson, Robert G. Langdon, Jay C. Brown, and J.T. Parsons. 3/24/76. QH 601 C215 1976
  • Comprehensive epilepsy program. Fritz E. Dreifuss, Richard H. Gibbs, Linda Harris, and James E. Redenbaugh. 3/31/76. WL 385 C66 1976
  • Marital breakdown in the medical center. Eric Baugh, Juanita Baugh, Barney Hecker, and Walter Wadlington. 4/7/76. HQ 814 M35 1976
  • Disciplinary procedures in the medical profession: can we police ourselves? P. Browning Hoffman, Richard J. Bonnie, Kenneth Redden, and Robert C. Green. 4/14/76. W 44 D55 1976
  • New radiologic approaches to the diagnosis and treatment for old diseases. Theodore E. Keats, William C. Constable, Richard A. Flom, Charles D. Teates and Charles J. Tegtmeyer. 4/21/76. WN 200 R455 1976
  • Clinical use of prostaglandins. Randall T. Curnow, Robert M. Carey, and Peter Ramwell. 4/28/76. QU 90 C65 1976
  • Between doctor and patient: "how informed must consent be?" P. Browning Hoffman, Richard J. Bonnie, Walter Wadlington. 5/5/76. W 62 B46 1976
  • Generic prescribing: why, when, and how. John A. Owen, Diane L. Ansley, Sam Crickenberger, and Jackie Young. 5/12/76. QV 748 G45 1976
  • The challenge to widen the therapeutic index of hazardous drugs: the precise quantitative therapeutic decision. Kenneth L. Melmon. 5/19/76. QV 771 C56 1976
  • Oral contraceptives. Ferid Murad, Thomas Bithell, Robert C. Haynes, and Siva Thiagarajah. 9/22/76. QV 177 O75 1976
  • Residencies and manpower needs. Daniel Mohler and William Drucker. 9/26/76. W 20 R45 1976
  • Drug use during pregnancy. John Owen, Guy M. Harbert, and Thaddeus E. Kelly. 10/6/76. WQ 240 D78 1976
  • Is behavioral genetics taboo?: the neolysenkoism. Bernard Davis and Joseph Fletcher. 10/13/76. QH 457 I85 1976
  • Computers in health care: success and failure. Ernst Attinger, Barbara Howard, and William O'Brien. 10/20/76. W 26.5 C65 1976
  • Why do more newborn infants die in Virginia than in 41 other states? John Kattwinkel, Lynn J. Cook, C. Arnold Renschler, and Robert F. Scorgie. 10/27/76. HB 1323.I4 W55 1976
  • Ethics of physician advertising. Joseph Fletcher and John C. Jeffries. 11/3/76. W 58 E85 1976
  • From students to physicians: a sociological study of medical education at the University of Virginia. Jeffrey Hadden, Theodore Long, Tod Hansen, and Marshall Shumsky. 11/10/76. W 18 F77 1976
  • Kepone: what are the lessons? Robert Jackson, Phillip Allen, Joseph Fletcher, and Gerald Baliles. 11/17/76. WA 240 K45 1976
  • Swine influenza. P. Browning Hoffman and Jack M. Gwaltney, Jr. 11/24/76. WC 515 S95 1976
  • How does one determine acceptable risks? Richard Wenzel and Joseph Fletcher. 12/1/76. WB 141 H65 1976
  • Is there a crisis in medical education?: facts and myths. Kenneth Crispell, Cheves Smythe, Oscar Thorup, and Christian Cimmino. 12/8/76. W 18 I85 1976
  • The physician as double agent. Thomas Hunter, Richard Bonnie, P. Browning Hoffman and David Little. 1/5/77. W 62 P58 1977
  • Emergency medicine: T. J. planning district. Richard Crampton, Richard Edlich, Robert Jaskiewicz, and Leslie Rudolf. 1/26/77. WX 215 E45 1977
  • Health and the developing world. Richard Guerrant, Kenneth Warren, and Thomas Hunter. 2/2/77. WA 395 H45 1977
  • The Cost of medical education: who should pay? Thomas Hunter, Henry Abraham, John A.D. Cooper. 2/9/77. W 18 C63 1977
  • Over the counter drugs. Ferid Murad, John A. Owen, Jr., Melvin Parker, and Daniel Spyker 2/16/77. QV 772 O95 1977
  • Violence on television: a health problem? John deK. Bowen, Ake E. Mattsson, John Mesinger, Thomas Hunter. 2/23/77. WS 105.5.E9 V55 1977
  • Human needs of the disabled: vocational, social, and sexual. James Q. Miller, Thomas Hunter, Marguerite David. 3/2/77. HV 1553 H84 1977
  • Stresses in the Medical Center and who helps us cope. Helen Ripple, Norman Knorr, Judy Wilcox and Lee Crigler. 3/9/77. WM 172 S75 1977
  • Malnutrition in the hospital patient. Munsey S. Wheby, Charles E. Butterworth, and Thomas H. Hunter. 3/23/77. WD 100 M35 1977
  • Science, pseudoscience, and art in the practice of medicine. Eugene Snead. 3/30/77. WB 100 S35 1977
  • Women in medicine. Elsa Paulsen, Judith Braslow, Charles Hess, and Robert Van de Castle. 4/6/77. W 21 W65 1977
  • Unnecessary surgery. Leslie E. Rudolf. 4/13/77. WO 34 U55 1977
  • Doctors as patients. Richard Keeling, John Zirkle and James Thomson. 4/20/77. W 62 D65 1977
  • Drug abuse. Randall T. Curnow, George Bright, John Buckman, and Joseph Fletcher. 4/27/77. WM 270 D72 1977
  • Transsexualism: an insight into the power of psychologic gender. Oscar Thorup, Milton Edgerton, William M. Sheppe, Jr., and U. G. Turner. 9/7/77. WM 610 T75 1977
  • Genetically transmitted disease. Oscar A. Thorup, Thomas H. Hunter, Joseph Fletcher, and Thaddeus Kelly. 9/21/77. QZ 50 G47 1977
  • Laetrile: the right to choose. Oscar Thorup, Gerald Goldstein, John Owen, and Charles H. Whitebread. 9/28/77. QV 269 L35 1977
  • Expanded roles in nursing. Barbara Brodie. 10/5/77. WY 16 E95 1977
  • Explosive change in the medical center: impact. Edward Hook, Helen Ripple, Darracott Vaughan, and Oscar Thorup. 10/19/77. WX 28 AV8 E95 1977
  • New drug development: an overdose of FDA. Oscar Thorup, Charles Hamner, Richard Merrill, and Ferid Murad. 10/26/77. WA 697 N45 1977
  • The family: dynamic dimension in medicine. Oscar A. Thorup, B. Lewis Barnett, David B. Waters, and Henry Willner. 11/2/77. WS 105.5.F2 F37 1977
  • Family stress and collapse. Oscar A. Thorup, Donna Cowan, Joseph Fletcher, and Ruth B. Weeks.. 11/16/77. WS 105.5.F2 F39 1977
  • The diabetes center: an exercise in democracy. Oscar A. Thorup, George T. Brooks, Leatrice Ducat, and Joseph Larner. 12/7/77. WK 810 D54 1977
  • Integration of the medical center with the university: more or less?. Kenneth Crispell, Carleton B. Chapman, Edgar F. Shannon, and Walter J. Wadlington. 1/18/78. W 18 I53 1978
  • Psychological aspects of persons with difficulties in sexual identity. Oscar A. Thorup, Stanley Berent, James A. Thomson, and Vamik D. Volkan. 1/25/78. WJ 712 P75 1978
  • A mother's response to her wanted child: lifestyles and home delivery. Guy M. Harbert, Walter J. Wadlington, Marion McCartney, and Anthony Shaw. 2/1/78. WS 105.5.F2 M67 1978
  • Privacy and the computer: everything you know about yourself, but hoped they'd never find out. Oscar A. Thorup, Brant R. Allen, Richard J. Bonnie, and Browning Hoffman. 2/15/78. W 700 P75 1978
  • Violence in the family: protecting the abused spouse. Walter J. Wadlington, David Fudella, Elizabeth S. Scott, and Andrew Wright. 2/22/78. BF 575.A3 V55 1978
  • PSRO: quality of practice - federal responsibility or officious meddling? Oscar A. Thorup, Wyndham B. Blanton, Brian J. Donato, and James C. Respess. 3/15/78. W 84.1 P73 1978
  • Federal trade commission: nonmedical accreditation of medical training. Oscar A. Thorup, Howard A. Brody, Jonathan Gaines, and Warren H. Pearse. 3/22/78. W 40.1 F45 1978
  • H.S.A., federal "guidelines" for local health planning: cutting costs (?) at whose expense? Oscar A. Thorup. 3/29/78. WA 546.1 H75 1978
  • To catch a kidney: the who, the how, the hassle. Frederic B. Westervelt, George G. Grattan, John A. Jane, and Leslie E. Rudolf. 4/19/78. WJ 368 T63 1978
  • Male chauvinism and contraception. Thomas H. Hunter, Donna S. Cowan, Joseph Fletcher, and Stuart S. Howards. 9/20/78. WP 630 M35 1978
  • Ageism. Thomas H. Hunter, Richard Lindsey, David C. Wilson, and William Poe. 9/27/78. WT 120 A34 1978
  • The hospice movement. Carlton Sweetser, Oscar Thorup, and Cicely Saunders. 10/4/78. WX 28.61 H655 1978
  • The Care and management of the sick and incompetent physician. Thomas H. Hunter, W. Dimmock Buxton, Robert C. Green, and George J. Carroll. 10/18/78. W 62 C35 1978
  • Ethical problems in neonatal intensive care. Howard Brody, Hallam Ivey, Haavi Morreim, and Christopher Slobogin. 10/25/78. WS 420 E85 1978
  • The medical devices explosion: who protects the victim?. Anthony Shaw, Howard Brody, John Kattwinkel, and Richard Merrill. 11/1/78. W 26 M45 1978
  • Terrorism. Conrad Hassle, Browning Hoffman, and John H. Moore. 11/15/78. HV 6431 T45 1978
  • Why are your hospital costs so high? Oscar Thorup, John Forrest, Robert M. Heisel, and John Harlan. 11/29/78. W 74 W55 1978
  • Should we allow judges to make medical decisions? Dick Howard, Joseph Fletcher, and Roger Dworkie. 12/6/78. W 700 S55 1978
  • In vitro fertilization. Oscar Thorup, Joseph Schulman, Roger Dworkin, and Joseph Fletcher. 1/17/79. WQ 205 I55 1979
  • Teenage drug, alcohol and cigarette use: some disturbing trends. Oscar A. Thorup. 1/24/79. WS 460 T45 1979
  • How far should we go?: ethical decisions on the medical wards. James F. Childress. 1/31/79. W 50 .H65 1979
  • The American diet: best in the world or major cause of disease? Munsey Wheby, John Owen, Judy Thwing, and Martin Albert. 2/7/79. QT 235 A45 1979
  • Nurses and doctors: conflict or cooperation? Barbara Brodie, Annette Schwackhawmer, and Carolyn Brunner. 2/21/79. WY 87 N85 1979
  • National health insurance. William Glazier, Tom Nesbit, John Holloman and Oscar A. Thorup. 2/28/79. WA 540 AA1 N35 1979
  • Home health services: a less expensive alternative to institutional care? Oscar Thorup, Richard Prindle, Linda Pohland, and Steven Rhoads. 3/7/79. WY 115 H65 1979
  • Environmental influences on cancer. James C. Dunstan, Oscar Thorup, Richard A. Merill and Joseph K. Wagner. 3/21/79. QZ 202 E55 1979
  • Your medical record just how confidential is it? Lillian BeVier, Oscar A. Thorup, Joseph Fletcher and Jane Rodgers. 3/29/79. W 700 Y65 1979
  • Health maintenance organizations: do they work? Oscar A. Thorup, Samuel Goldfine, Gary Jessman, and James B. Murray. 4/4/79. W 125 H45 1979
  • Health manpower. Robert Graham, Allen Tarloff, Clark Havighurst, and Oscar Thorup. 4/18/79. W 76 H43 1979
  • Children's rights and parental authority. Raymond Duff, T. H. Hunter, Roger Dworkin, and Joseph Fletcher. 4/25/79. WS 105.5.F2 C55 1979
  • Hospice in the general hospital. Richard W. Lindsay, M. Caroline Martin, and Cicely Saunders. 9/19/79. WX 28.61 H65 1979
  • Parents and children: rights in conflict? Donna L. Cowan, Joseph Fletcher, Walter J. Wadlington and Oscar A. Thorup. 10/3/79. WS 105.5.F2 P35 1979
  • Hazards of nuclear power. Roger A. Rydin, Arthur R. Tamplin, Paul T. Raford, and Thomas H. Hunter. 10/17/79. WA 470 H35 1979
  • The beta adrenergic blocking agents and their clinical uses. Alan S. Nies. 10/24/79. QV 132 B45 1979
  • Involuntary sterilization. Joseph Fletcher, Thaddeus E. Kelly, U. G. Turner, and Thomas E. Hunter. 10/31/79. HV 4989 I57 1979
  • Prevention of disease: is life-style change the answer? Samuel E. Miller, Richard J. Bonnie, Lawrence W. Green, and Thomas H. Hunter. 11/28/79. WA 108 P73 1979
  • The Impact of institutional review boards on research. Richard A. Merrill, Ferid Murad, John A. Owen, and Thomas H. Hunter. 12/5/79. WB 21 I43 1979


  • 1973 - 1979

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