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Box 14


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Miscellaneous Correspondents: L-M, 1854-1984

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: Robert B. Lancaster; Elizabeth W. Lay; R. Bruce Lockhart; A.C. Leigh; William Leigh; Ellen McCaw; Rose M. MacDonald; F. Mark; Captain G. [Marvel]; Dido Mason; E.K.N. Massie; Alice W. Meade; Susan W. Miller; Edgar Miller; F.B. Minor; Mary W. Minor; and M.M. Morris. Topics include work on the book about old homes of Hanover (Robert B. Lancaster, January 8, 1984); the fire at Hickory Hill (Elizabeth W. Lay, February 17, 1875); and notification of an ankle injury of...
Dates: 1854-1984

Miscellaneous correspondents of the Lee family, 1822-1876

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Agnes Lee, Annie C. Lee, Ann H. Lee, C.C. Lee; Mary Custis Lee; Richard Henry Lee (1794-1865) concerning the state literary fund and his proposed memoir of Richard A. Lee; Robert E. Lee, Jr. concerning the death of William F. Wickham (July 16, 1873); and William H.F. “Rooney” Lee (1837-1891).

Dates: 1822-1876

Miscellaneous correspondents: N-R, 1860-1868

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Elizabeth B. Nicholas, concerning the fall of New Orleans to Federal forces (April 30, 1862); Helen N. Patterson; Lt. Colonel William H. Payne; Virginia Porcher; Lucy Carter Renshaw (1838-1965) concerning damages suffered by the “Shirley” plantation during the Civil War battles (July 4, 1862); Amelie Louise Rives Troubetzkoy (1863-1945); and M.C. Rives.

Dates: 1860-1868

Miscellaneous correspondents of the Nelson family, 1835-1875

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: Carrie P. Nelson; F. Nelson; F.P. Nelson; Jane E. Nelson; Jenny Nelson concerning the capture of Confederate George Washington “Wash” Nelson near Smithfield (November 6, 1863) and the raids of the Yankee soldiers in the neighborhood against the local residents (undated Civil War letter); Judith? Nelson; M.W. Nelson concerning the death of Lucy Carter Wickham (January 17, 1835); Mary C. Nelson; Robert Nelson on board the ship Oriental with his friend John Lewis...
Dates: 1835-1875

Miscellaneous Correspondents of the Page family, 1859-1920

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Anne Rose Page; Elizabeth Burwell Page; John Page; Judith Nelson Page; Leila Page; and Thomas Nelson Page concerning his book about Italy and his visit to England (January 9, 1920).

Dates: 1859-1920

Miscellaneous correspondents: S-V, 1840-1937

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: George William Shelton; Amelie Louise Sigourney; M.M. Smith; Walter N. Sprinkel; A.M. Stearns; Alexander H.H. Stuart writes of his fear of the future, suggests that Williams Carter Wickham and himself travel to Washington on business to meet with some of the Yankee magnates and discuss ways to end the Civil War and expresses his sorrow over the sundering of the Union (January 23, 1865); Alta E. Stumpf concerning the awakening of Russia and its development (June 29,...
Dates: 1840-1937

Miscellaneous Correspondents: of the Taylor family, 1826-1881

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Belle Taylor; Bertie Taylor; Edmund P. Taylor; Elizabeth Taylor; Henry Taylor; Henry Taylor, Jr., John Taylor; Julianna Dunlap Leiper Taylor (1801-1883); R.I. Taylor; and Susan W. Taylor. One letter from Henry Taylor, Jr., July 31, 1877, includes a very detailed discussion about Professor Colonel Peters at the University of Virginia.

Dates: 1826-1881

Miscellaneous correspondents: Unidentified, with most letters undated, 1856-1980, undated

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents From the File: The Wickham family papers (1704-1950; 9.5 cubic feet) consist of papers of Richmond, Virginia and “Hickory Hill” plantation in Hanover County, Virginia, including the families of John Wickham (1763-1839), his son, William Fanning Wickham (1793-1880), grandson, Williams Carter Wickham (1820-1888), and great-grandson, Henry Taylor Wickham (1849-1943). The collection contains business correspondence, chiefly concerning legal and agricultural pursuits; family correspondence with...
Dates: 1856-1980, undated

Miscellaneous correspondents: W, 1848-1945

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Davy Wallace; S. Gardner Waller; Louisa Webb; C.E. Wellford; Mary T. Williams; Captain W.L. Wingfield; Alice B. Winston; Philip B. Winston; and Beulah H.J. Woolston.

Dates: 1848-1945

Miscellaneous Correspondents of the Wickham family and allied families, 1834-1866

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: A.C.L. Wickham; Elizabeth S. Wickham; Fanny Wickham concerning the death of Ella Wickham (March 27, 1851); George Wickham; Julia L. Wickham; J.L. Wickham; L.A.C. Wickham; [L.V.] Wickham; M.F. Wickham; and Sarah Wickham.

Dates: 1834-1866

Personal correspondence of James Lyons (1801-1882) with William F. Wickham, 1873-1878

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents

Topics include a description of the meeting of the trustees of the Peabody Fund for Education in the South, particularly Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple of Minnesota and his life among the indigenous native Americans, who he referred to as "Indians" (August 12, 1876).

Dates: 1873-1878

Personal correspondence of Jonathan Mason (1795-1884) with William F. Wickham, 1875-1878

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Topics include climate change (January 31, 1872); details of the career of his friend Custis, who died in 1872 and was a water commissioner in Boston (February 8, 1872); the influence of John C. Calhoun in ruining the whole South and his own state by men following his “evil counsel” (January 1, 1875); discussions of reading and current politics (January 8, 1875); description of Wickham’s losses during the fire in February (March 13, 1875); mentions of Lord Byron, Charles Lamb, William Cullen...
Dates: 1875-1878

Personal correspondence of William Cabell Rives, 1854-1857, 1867

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents

The letters are chiefly social or agricultural but one, May 30, 1867, touches upon politics and international events and mentions Rives reading the biography of James Madison.

Dates: Majority of material found in 1854-1857, 1867

Personal Correspondence of Littleton Waller Tazewell (1774-1860) with William F. Wickham, 1817-1849

 File — Box: 14, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents Topics include the perils of travel by stage to Norfolk, Virginia, in winter (March 3, 1817); condolence letter upon the death of his friend, John Wickham, and reflections upon Wickham’s importance in his own life as a mentor and friend and his singular character (January 26, 1839); the mention of Tazewell in the will of John Wickham (March 17 and April 1, 1839); ten inch snowfall in March and the economic difficulties of the country (March 21, 1843); discussion on the political issue on...
Dates: 1817-1849