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Box 13


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Miscellaneous Correspondents: A-B, 1851-1919

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: J.S.B. Alleyne (resolutions concerning the death of Dr. William F. Wickham in 1851); John B. Baldwin; L.M. Baldwin; Nannie P. Ballard; A.P. Bankhead; B. Johnson Barbour, John L. Barbour; Greta du Pont Barksdale (1891-1965); Phoebe [Barksdale?]; Marianna Elizabeth Barksdale (1796-1856) and her husband, William Jones Barksdale (1794-1859); Ann B. Berkeley; Letitia Glenn Biddle (1864-1950); John Minor Botts (1802-1869); Mary G. Braxton; Mary Carter Brickner; G. Thompson...
Dates: 1851-1919

Miscellaneous correspondents: C-F, 1840-[post 1941]

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: Ellen J. Cackie; J.R. Campbell (damaged postal card only); B.B. Claike; George Colton; A. Coolidge; O.A. Crenshaw; M.W.T. Cumberland; John B. Custis; Laura G. Custis; Raleigh T. Daniel; J.S. Davis; Enid Deem; Martha Lee Doughty “To the Women of the Confederacy” (undated); Fanny Duncan; Georgina L. Featherstonhaugh; and Mary J. Foster. Topics include: a discussion of several books read by Laura G. Custis of Boston (May 25, no year) and a description of the past few...
Dates: 1840-[post 1941]

Miscellaneous correspondents of the Carter family, 1857-1878

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: Ellen Carter, Lizzie Carter, L.W. Carter, Mary Carter, and W[illiams?] Carter, Jr. Topics include: the concern of W[illiams] Carter, Jr. that his father make a will immediately so that the Confederacy will not get any of [his brother?] Charles’ portion of the estate. He writes emphatically “I don’t wish the South to get a cent – no country in the history of the world has so worked out its own destruction as the Southern portion of the U.S. America, and all...
Dates: 1857-1878

Miscellaneous correspondents of the Carter family, 1840-1875

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: A.W. Carter; Agnes M. Carter; Annie Carter; Betty Carter; E.H. Carter; Emily Carter; Fanny N. Carter; L.H. Carter, Louise Carter, Pauline Carter, Susan Roy Carter, Thomas B. Carter, Thomas H. Carter (1831-1908), and Williams Carter. Topics include: the death of Julia Wickham (Thomas H. Carter, July 19, 1873); an expression of hope that the nation will mend following the Civil War, saying “my hatred for Davis is only equaled by that for Charles Sumner,” and mention of...
Dates: 1840-1875

Miscellaneous correspondents: Mary Braxton [Randolph] Carter (1800-1864), chiefly to Anne Butler Carter Wickham and other family members, 1839-1862

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents

Topics of note include two references to the Civil War, including the “suffering northern soldiers” and the sentiment “the same God made us all” (August 10, 1861); and a second letter about the Civil War concerning shelling of the area near Shirley along the river by northern gunboats and comments about [General John] Pope (August 28, 1862).

Dates: 1839-1862

Miscellaneous correspondents: R[obert] R[andolph] Carter (1825-1888), [1862], 1872-1879

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents

Topics include a condolence letter (July 12, 1873) concerning the death of Julia Leiper Wickham (1859-1873).

Dates: Majority of material found in [1862], 1872-1879

Miscellaneous Correspondents: of the Chevallie family and Warwick family, 1802, 1815-1860

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Peter J. Chevallie to his wife, Elizabeth Gilliam Chevallie; Sarah Magee “Sally” Chevallie Warwick (1816-1846) to her mother, Elizabeth Green Gilliam Chevallie (1796-1865); Joseph Gallego to his nephew, Peter J. Chevallie; Henry Chevallie to his sister, Mary G. Chevallie; and Abraham Warwick (1794-1874) to his daughter-in-law, Elise F. Warwick.

Dates: 1802, 1815-1860

Miscellaneous correspondents: M.M. Fanning, 1875-1876

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents From the File: The Wickham family papers (1704-1950; 9.5 cubic feet) consist of papers of Richmond, Virginia and “Hickory Hill” plantation in Hanover County, Virginia, including the families of John Wickham (1763-1839), his son, William Fanning Wickham (1793-1880), grandson, Williams Carter Wickham (1820-1888), and great-grandson, Henry Taylor Wickham (1849-1943). The collection contains business correspondence, chiefly concerning legal and agricultural pursuits; family correspondence with...
Dates: 1875-1876

Miscellaneous correspondents: G-K, 1851-1943

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Correspondents include: Robert Gamble; S.P. Gregory; Gene and [George?] Griffin; A.G. Grinnan; Evelyn Hale; Hetty Cary Harrison; Ella Havisham; Jane R. Haxall; Rosalie Haxall; Eva Mary Anna Mason Heth (1836-1915); Mary Heywood (with a photograph of her on her 78th birthday); E.[L.] Holmes; R.R. Howison; J. Johns, Jr.; S. Harvey Johnson; William T. Joyner; W.M. Justis; Bessie D. Kane; J.D.L. Kane; Sallie G. Kean; and Ethel Kilburn. Topics include the Civil War (Robert Gamble, June 19, 1863);...
Dates: 1851-1943

Miscellaneous correspondents of the Graham family, chiefly letters from various family members and James Duncan Graham (1799-1865), United States Engineer Corps, to his wife, Frances Wickham Graham (1808-1895), 1859-1871

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: Frances Wickham Graham; [Hartley] Graham; James Duncan Graham; Salva Graham; and William F. Wickham. Topics include chiefly family news but also some references to the work of James Duncan Graham as a member of the United States Engineer Corps (April 13, 1862; April 9, 1865; May 9, 1865); the condition of the South at the conclusion of the Civil War (June 2, 1865); and papers concerning the pension of James Duncan Graham (1867-1871).

Dates: 1859-1871

Miscellaneous correspondents of the Hubard family, 1878-1883

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents

Correspondents include: E.W. Hubard and J.L. Hubard.

Dates: 1878-1883