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Contains 42 Collections and/or Records:

"El Dios y Elrey", 1954

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 26
Scope and Contents Jorges Luis Borges original holograph manuscript, "El Dios y Elrey" (God and the King)titled and signed, in black ink, 3 leaves numbered by Borges with deletions, corrections, and interpolations. The corrections on this manuscript and other manuscripts in the collection demonstrate his work toward a final publication. The original holograph manuscript of this story, first published in Buenos Aires newspaper, La Nacion in May 1954, and...
Dates: 1954

"Herrera Y Reissig", 1924

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents "Herrera Y Reissig" is an original holograph manuscript by Jorges Luis Borges about the Uruguayan Symbolist poet Julio Herra Y Reissig. 3 leaves titled and signed. It was published in the September 1924 issue of Inicial and then republished in in Borge's book Inquisiciones in [1925]. No other manuscript is known.
Dates: 1924

"Soneto para un Tango en la Nochecita", 1926

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript, "Sonnet for an Evening Tango" signed and dated "Jorge Luis Borges 1926", in black ink on the recto of a leaf of pink paper. One deletion, with a correction written above. It was published in March 1926 in Caras y Caretas, and never printed in any of Borge's works. No other manuscript known.

It it a very important manuscript, for its content related to another manuscript about the tango and for its early date.
Dates: 1926

"La Cábala" , [1930]

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript,"La Cábala" (The Kabbalah), by Jorge Luis Borges, unpublished, in black ink on both sides of 2 leaves of gridded spiral notebook paper, numbered by Borges. There is a small hole at the front of the leaf, and a few ink blots.

Lengthy discussion by Borges on the Cabala significantly reflects and complements Borges original text of this essay (La Cabala 1943). It contains rare glimpses of his research sources and notes for his subject.
Dates: [1930]

"Los Espejos Velados", 1936

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript "The Observant Mirrors" by Jorge Luis Borges signed in black ink on a blank endleaf from an unidentified book. It is about a fantasy and is published in the very rare journal Destiempo (no. 1 October 1936). It shows an early instance of Borges fascination and horror of mirrors which pervades his writings.
Dates: 1936

Prologue to "Mester de Juderia", 1940

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript by Jorge Luis Borges, Prologue to Carlos Grunberg's book "Mester de Juderia", titled and signed by Borges, in black ink on 3 leaves of gridded and 2 leaves of unlined paper, each leaf numbered by Borges.

It is an expansive text that exceeds the bounds of a prologue, being more of a political-literary essay which is unusual for Borges. It condemns European antisemitism and its Argentine "facsimile" [sic].
Dates: 1940

"El Milagro Secreto", [1942]

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript "The Secret Miracle" by Jorge Luis Borges titled and signed in black ink, and leaves numbered by Borges. Many deletions, variants, and interpolations. It offers an invaluable look at the changes he made to one of his favorite writings. The original holograph manuscript of this story was published in Sur no. 101 (February 1943), then reprinted in the first edition of Ficciones(1944). Proof...
Dates: [1942]

"Nota Sobre La Paz", 1945

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript "A Note on Peace" titled, signed, and dated "Jorges Luis Borges, 1945". With deletions and interpolations. The original manuscript was published in Sur no. 129 (May 1945)about the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. It extols Britain's role and demonstrates what was, unusually for Borges, a strong commitment to liberalism and Western civilization.The manuscript shows Borges' hopeful attitude toward the collapse of...
Dates: 1945

"De Alguien a Nadie", [1950]

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 25
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript "From Someone to No One" by Jorge Luis Borges, signed in black ink on gridded notebook paper, numbered by Borges. With deletions and interpolations. The manuscript is an essay that first appeared in the march 1950 issue of Sur, reprinted in Borges's Otras Inquisciones (1952) and Antologia Personal (1961). It describes the paradox, which applies to gods as well as...
Dates: [1950]

"La Biblioteca Total", 1939

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents Holograph manuscript "Universal Library" by Jorge Luis Borges, titled, signed, and dated "Agosto 1939", in black ink on gridded spiral notebook paper, 4 leaves numbered by Borges, with numerous corrections,and deletions.The concept of the "universal library," crystallizes, like no other Borge's literary themes- so vast, multifaceted, and undefinable as this literary concept in which the universe is reflected. This fictional essay was first published in...
Dates: 1939

Shakespeare Birthday lecture, 1976 April 23

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 39
Scope and Contents Includes video
Dates: 1976 April 23

Autograph manuscript "Villa Mazzini", 1923

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Content Description From the Collection: New collection of eleven manuscripts by writer Jorge Luis Borges which have been combined with the Borges collection. The new acquisitions include Herrera y Reissig; Soneta Para un Tango en la Nochecita; La Cabala (1943), Los Espejos Velados; Prologo a Mester de Juderia, de Carlos Grunberg;El Milagro Secreto; Nota Sobre la Paz; De Alguien a Nadie; La Biblioteca Total; El Dios y el Rey; and Prose Poems for I. J.Other Borges manuscripts include : Juderia, Ciudad, Calle Desconocida,...
Dates: 1923

"S.S" poem, 1959

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents "S.S." published in 1960 in "El hacedor" under the title "Susana Soca." With the poem is a letter from Borges, 1959 January, Buenos Aires, in the hand of Arevedo de Borges, to the mother of Susana Soca, expressing his sympathy on her daughter's death.
Dates: 1959

Jorge Luis Borges letter to Ernest T. Manfred, October 4, 1962

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 36
Scope and Contents The note, written in English by Borges's mother and signed by him, thanks Manfred for his comments on "Labyrinth."
Dates: October 4, 1962

Jorge Luis Borges letter to Mr. Cohen, July 15, 1963

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 37
Scope and Contents The letter is in the hand of Borges's mother and thanks Cohen for a letter in praise of him, comments that his failing sight has slowed his work, and wishes Cohen well.
Dates: July 15, 1963

Typed manuscript, "The Mirror and the Mask", 1977

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 29
Scope and Contents Unpublished manuscript in English.
Dates: 1977

Autographed manuscript, signed, "La Fundación Mitológica de Buenos Aires", undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 30
Scope and Contents Subtitled: "(imaginada con ninguna imaginación por J.L. Borges)." Text differs from published version in Cuaderno San Martín.
Dates: undated

Essay on Flaubert|, 1924-1955

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Portions appeared in Flaubert y su destino ejemplar and Vindicación de "Bouvard et Pecuchet." The last three pages were dictated to his mother, Dona Leonor Acevedo, and are in her hand.
Dates: 1924-1955

Manuscript Short story, "La Casa de Asterión" and a letter from Julio Cortazar to Jorge Luis Borges, 1946

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 22-23
Scope and Contents A letter to Borges from Julio Cortázar concerns this story and his own fondness for Asterión.Collection includes Borges's short story, "La casa de Asterión" published in "Los Anales de Buenos Aires Ano II" and later in "El Aleph." Contains numerous textual corrections and variants from printed versions.
Dates: 1946

Jorge Luis Borges letters to his friend the writer Carlos Mastronardi., 1920's

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 31
Scope and Contents The collection consists of five letters of Borges, some of which appear to be to his friend the writer Carlos Mastronardi. They contain detailed references to his third book of poems "Cuaderno San Martín." An unpublished poem "Carta Deshilvanada" is included in one of the letters.
Dates: 1920's