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[Wilson Cary Nicholas] to [James Madison?], draft fragment, notes that most of American citizens are agriculturalists, discusses the War of 1812, questions about neutral rights and the actions of Great Britain. Believes that if Great Britain refuses to agree to a treaty with the United States, it means that they plan to colonize the states, take part of our territories, or force us to relinquish our fisheries. Considers the French—the problems with their Revolution and the resurgence of the monarchy with [Napoleon Bonaparte?] "the late Emperor of France made the parade of being elected consul for life & then Emperor by the suffrage of the people"; Urges for increases to be made to the militia to prevent problems especially because in Europe there are examples of counter revolutions. Mentions problems with [Northwest Territories?], due to their views on the current war., [1814-1815]

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Identifier: tsb:106949

Wilson Cary Nicholas to [John Taylor of Caroline], sends a note for $14,233.33 to cover the loan from Taylor plus interest. He thanks him for the loan of the money when it was needed for such a length of time. He defends himself from Taylor's belief that he was the one who supplied information used in [Thomas?] Ritchie's attacks upon Taylor, "My feelings upon this subject are such that it is impossible I could ever have directly or indirectly 'supplied the allusions' that could have induced Mr. Ritchie or any other person to attack you. Your suspicion that 'the grounds of a part of Ritchie's scurrility flowed to him' out of your letters to me is most unjust. I affirm to you that it did not.", 1809 June 07

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Identifier: tsb:106517

[Wilson Cary Nicholas] to S[amuel] Smith, acknowledges a letter from the President discussing the possibility of including him in the mission to France with Armstrong and Bowdoin over the claim to the Floridas, "I was never more embarrassed in my life. I feel with great force the obligation that every man is under to serve his country. My attachment to the President is such, that nothing could be more painful to me, than to refuse to comply with his wishes." Neither does he feel such a mission to be improper since our contract [for the Louisiana Purchase] was with France and France is honor bound to help resolve any border disputes with Spain. Indicates his distrust and apprehension concerning Great Britain, including impressments and the seizure of American vessels., 1806 April 03

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Identifier: tsb:106232